Providing affordable and quality medical services to those who care for their health is our main priority in the work, quality satisfaction of patients’ needs is our main goal.
Information about the center: The Republican Cardiological Clinic was built in 1985. The dispensary was established in 1994 on the basis of the Order No. 136 of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Karakalpakstan dated April 8, 1994. The dispensary has 4 departments with 125 beds: 1 cardiology for 40 seats, 2 cardiology for 30 seats, cardiology for 25 seats and 30 rehabilitation departments. There are 12 doctors in the departments. The dispensary is planned for 2980 patients a year.
Information about the polyclinic: There are 17 cardiologists, functionalists, neurologists, endocrinologists, dispensary consulting clinics. The number of flights is 150, and the number of annual flights is 37365.

Below are the main structural units that ensure the fulfillment of the Center’s tasks as defined in the Charter:
1. reception department,
2. dispensary department (functional diagnostic rooms and diagnostic laboratory)
3. department of physiotherapy,
4. stationary units consisting of 3 units:

1) cardioversion and intensive care unit,

2) heart failure and arrhythmia,

3) separation of cardiac ischemic disease and arterial hypertension
5. as well as administrative and economic units.





Full name of the center: Republic of Karakalpak Republican Cardiology Clinic
Legal address: Nukus town, 25 small districts, st. A.Matkarimova 2
Phone and fax numbers: (99861) 2261673
Web page title (if any): –