Surkhandarya Regional Cardiology Center was originally established on the basis of the regional hospital No. 2 for physiotherapy in 2006 in accordance with Presidential Decree No. UP-3214 of February 26, 2003 and the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers began its activity as an independent medical institution that conducts preventive activities in the field of cardiology and provides highly qualified specialized medical care to the population. In the clinic of the Center there are 3 cardiologists, 3 functional doctors (ECG, EXOKG, VEM, XMEKG) and 1 laboratory assistant. Number of annual visits: in 2017, the total number of cardiologist visits was 11664.

Below are the main structural units that ensure the fulfillment of the Center’s tasks as defined in the Charter:
reception department,
dispensary department (functional diagnostic rooms and diagnostic laboratory)
department of physiotherapy,
stationary units consisting of 3 units: 1) cardioversion and intensive care unit, 2) heart failure and arrhythmia, 3) separation of cardiac ischemic disease and arterial hypertension
as well as administrative and economic units.
Number of seats: 60, number of doctors: cardiac doctors – 14
The number of patients treated for one year is 2,836 in 2017 and 2,745 in 2016.





The full name of the center is the Surkhandarya Regional Cardiology Center
Legal address: Termez, st. A. Navoi, 12
Telephone and fax numbers: (99876) 2217463
E-mail address:
The title of the web page (if any): –